The Man Who Shot Luke Skywalker Kickstarter Campaign

Our good friend, Kim DM Simmons (The Man Who Shot Luke Skywalker) is currently raising funds to publish the second volume of his book series, Kenner Star Wars Photography.
The second book will feature photos from 1980-1982 that were used for Kenner's The Empire Strikes Back toy line. All of your favorite images from the card backs, vehicle and playset boxes, promotional images, and even from the toy catalogs that came inside your favorite toys will be represented in this book.

There are two versions of the book available; the regular edition which spans around 170 pages of full-color, high resolution photos and then there's the Special Collector's Edition version of the book which will include additional photos and a special section dedicated to Kenner's Star Wars Micro Collection line.

The campaign is currently in full swing but it needs your help to reach its goal. If the Kickstarter doesn't hit the goal then the book unfortunately will not be made. This would be a travesty as there is no other book like this and it would truly represent an important part of Star Wars history.

Contribute today and share the campaign on your social media platforms to let everyone know so we can make this thing happen!