The Original Star Wars: A Live Tweeting

Hey guys,
It’s been quite a while since I updated the blog, but I wanted to post my live tweeting of the original Star Wars.
First off I wanna say that live tweeting a movie is not an easy task. Props to those who do it regularly. I hadn’t done it before and honestly it was kind of taxing. It takes longer than you realize as you start and the movie keeps on going while you’re typing.
I had to pause the movie a lot at first until I started getting the hang of things and so you can see towards the end I got a lot looser and also some of the tweets got a lot shorter.

The version of Star Wars I live tweeted was the original theatrical version. This is the first one from 1977 with no EPISODE IV A NEW HOPE title, just the logo to the opening crawl.

It was just something I did for fun. It’s long, but most of you know the movie by heart so I’m sure you can follow along no problem.
It’s not G-Rated, so prepare for some dirty words. Overall it’s just me gushing about the movie with my own commentary thrown in here and there relating to the characters & storyline.

This is in chronological order to make it easy to read since on Twitter you have to read it backwards from bottom to top.
Anyways, enjoy the read & feel free to follow me on Twitter @_allthestarwars and/or leave me a comment at the bottom of the page.