Pathetic Man-Child Destroys 2,387 Vintage Star Wars Figures

Some of you may be asking the question, who the hell is ‘Red Letter Media’? Well, the short answer is they are a group of vloggers on YouTube who review movies with a nihilistic bent. What made them popular were their Star Wars prequel reviews, commonly referred to as the “Plinkett Reviews” as they break down the films through the use of a character they created called “Mr. Plinkett” who is a conglomeration of OT Star Wars fan, psychopath and film buff.
The videos are well done and do a good job of breaking down problems with the films and they’re done in a funny way. The videos were very popular among Star Wars fans and it put them on the map. Prior to this they were just some movie nerds with no following, but once the videos took off their YouTube channel became very popular as they started to make more “Plinkett Reviews” which slowly evolved in to an actual series of videos showcasing the team of guys themselves instead of the POV character they created.

That being said, RLM has always been unapologetic in their reviews of popular films in a blunt and crass way. They are sometimes insightful, often funny but always raw. I myself have enjoyed a number of their videos, but one of their most recent videos has left a bad taste in my mouth and I’ll tell you why.

One of their recent videos, titled “Pathetic Man-Child Destroys 2,387 Vintage Star Wars Figures” features YT content creator Mike Stoklasa taking on the role of what he views as an original trilogy Star Wars fan who has become angry at Disney’s take on Star Wars and proceeds to fill an aquarium full of 2,387 vintage Star Wars action figures with acetone.
Now, I get what they’re trying to do here. I understand the parody aspect of the video and their mocking of angry Star Wars fans, but what rubbed me the wrong way was the senseless destruction of so many vintage Star Wars toys.

I’m sure that my perspective differs from other viewers of the video who don’t really care about Star Wars or even Star Wars toys, but as a vintage toy collector I find the act to be offensive really. The argument can be made that there are so many millions of these toys that were created in the 80s that is this really going to affect much in terms of how many exist in the world? On a certain level, no, it won’t affect things that greatly – but it’s the act of destroying these 40 year old toys that have become collectibles and in a lot of ways reflect a certain nostalgia to Star Wars collectors that it feels like an affront to those of us who do collect and value these vintage pieces of plastic.
Now the reason for the video is quiet apparent – it’s a spectacle that will give them tons of views and attention on the internet and it’s also a fuck you to all of the Star Wars fans who bitch and moan about how Disney has destroyed their childhoods. Yes, I understand all of that, but it still doesn’t make up for the fact that they destroyed thousands of vintage toys for the sake of attention.

I’ve posted an edited version of the video below so you can watch it without giving the actual RLM video any further views.
What are your thoughts on this?


  1. As a SW fan of 40 years and collector this act of destruction really breaks my heart. I can’t help but think about how these figures could have gone to something better, like donated to a charity. I really enjoy RLM but their recent bashing of all things SW has really soured my enjoyment of their content.

  2. I hate that kind of video in general … destroying iPhone, destroying computer, eating thousands of burgers … this is the sad reflect of our consumer-consuming society. Like a nasty child who breaks his toys while his little neighbor has not enough food.

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